Commercial work details

I work as an Romanian "Persoană Fizică Autorizată" (translates as "Authorized Natural Person" and is somewhat equivalent of a Sole Trader). For the purposes of taxation and bookkeeping, I am regarded as a natural person, but, for the purpose of commercial work, I function the same as a company.

Following are my public commercial details.

Commercial activity

  • Consultancy services for software development teams and software products
  • Consultancy services for hardware, software and cloud architectures
  • Consultancy services for integration of hardware and software products
  • Training, workshops and classes
  • Consultancy services for hardware and software automation
  • Consultancy services for computer-based communication systems
  • Systems design
  • Home automation systems design
  • Analysis, appraisal and audit services
  • Debugging
  • Code, systems and hardware analysis
  • Code analysis and peer programming sessions
  • Working methodology and process consultancy

I offer my services for both commercial entities, as well as for individuals. All my work is contract-based, and all is done at the client's location (and I am willing to travel).

Commercial identity information

English version:

  • Commercial Name: Moș A. Adrian P.F.A.
  • Unique identification number: 36130800
  • Registration code: F12/611/26.05.2016 (with the Romanian Office for the Registry of Commercial Entities)
  • Work domain: CAEN code 6202 - Consulting Activities in Information Technology
  • Location: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania
  • Note: Romanian tax codes for natural persons are not public, and will not be provided

Romanian version:

  • Nume comercial: Moș A. Adrian P.F.A.
  • Cod Unic de Înregistrare (CUI): 36130800
  • Număr de Înregistrare la Registrul Comerțului: F12/611/26.05.2016
  • Locație: Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, România
  • Cod CAEN 6202 - Activități de Consultanță în Tehnologia Informației

Accounts and banks

Bank IBAN QR Coin(s) Scope
ING Bank RO28 INGB 5598 9999 0121 1979 ING IBAN RON Romanian
BRD GSG RO48 BRDE 130S V450 3420 1300 BRD GSG IBAN RON Romanian
BT RO11 BTRL RONC RT00 J306 2302 BT IBAN RON Romanian
Revolut (payment link) RO52 BREL 0005 5065 2118 0100 Revolut RON IBAN RON Romanian
Revolut (payment link) LT02 3250 0302 8818 3394 Revolut International IBAN RON, EUR, USD, GBP, HUF, BGN International

According to law, I have to display and make available the following legal documents (click on any image to view a higher-resolution version):

Document name Document
Registration certificate Registration Certificate
Activity certificate Activity Certificate

Also, a declaration of independence of work is available.

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