Who am I?

My name is Adrian Moș (pronounced "mosh" with a long "o").

I am a Transylvanian developer specialized on back-end systems development, mostly using the .NET Framework, now of the .Net Foundation and C++.

Please note that this website is currently 🚧 under construction 🚧 and will likely remain so until I have enough time to divert from other priorities in order to get to it.

What do I do?

Commercial work

I currently work as an independent legal commercial entity in the field of computer programming.

I design and implement mostly back-end systems, and I have a passion for working with large sets of data, mathematical problems or optimizations.

Here are some details about my commercial work:

Open-source and experimental work

I have some open-source projects started, and I welcome any kind of contribution, be it in the form of code, or critique, or ideas, or bug reports, or anything else that will make them advance further.

I have also created a small Windows tool for jiggling the mouse in order to not appear away in the corporate environment.

Like most developers, I like to tinker and experiment. Sometimes, something good might come out of it, other times it's just my learning experience. Take a look at my Client Tools, written in Blazor WebAssembly.

Would you maybe like to play some simple Agile poker?


A collection of my writing is available.


I like to travel a lot ( 🚧 under construction 🚧 ), and experience places, people, cultures, habits, customs, etc. that are different from what I am used to.

How can I be contacted?

I can be contacted through my LinkedIn page.

In case you need to send me one (one!) quick message, I have set up a contact form. Please do not attempt to abuse it.

What am I like?

If you'd like to know more about me as a person, here are some details.

I am also a husband ( 🚧 under construction 🚧 ) and a father ( 🚧 under construction 🚧 ).