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Adrian Mos

Early life and education

I was born on March 31st, 1985, in the city of Târgu-Mureș, Romania. My parents were both, at the time, electronic engineers.

I attended the local Domus Kindergarten where I was first taught the basics of the English language, as well as how to read. I then attended the also-local Grade School #10 (presently part of the Dacia Gymnasium) where I was found to excel in mathematics, physics and computer science. During this time, I briefly took piano lessons.

I lived in a standard Communist-era-style block of flats until the age of 15, when I moved inside a large house near the city center.

I attended the "Alexandru Papiu Ilarian" National College, where I further followed the Mathematics - Computer Science - English path. I was already working as an intern in my father's (now defunct) computer company by the time I graduated.

At this time, I also obtained my Drivers' License. By this time, I had been to courses for Hungarian and German languages, and the French language was part of my curriculum.

After passing the Baccalaureate examination in 2004, I went on to study Computer Science at the "Petru Maior" University, a state institution. After the first year, I also started to attend Law school at the "Dimitrie Cantemir" University, a private institution. After one year, after noticing the difference in treatment of student between state institutions and private institutions, I decided to permanently drop out of the Computer Science courses and focus on Law school, a decision aided by scheduling conflicts between exams, my working day, as well as advice from my friend (who himself was a lawyer). I went on to become licensed in legal practice, but have never practiced law as a main career.

After finishing Law school, I re-enroled in the "Petru Maior" University for a Master's Degree course in Information Technology, having no other choice in the institution, which I graduated, but never pursued a degree with. I decided to not go forward and get a degree because, at this time, I had already moved to Cluj-Napoca, I was already working full-time for quite a while, and trying my best to build a serious career in software development. I therefore felt that a Master's Degree would add no value, but would be a significant effort on my part.

Time in Cluj-Napoca

I moved to Cluj-Napoca at the beginning of 2012, and got accustomed to a much bigger, much more crowded city. I went job-hopping for a few years, ensuring further financial gains and recognition in the market.

I also started to write open-source code, and to take notice of local developer events.

During this time, I married my wife and, together, we managed to purchase, build and decorate a home for us. We got to travel around the world, we got to see interesting things together, and we began shaping our life and careers as a family.

In 2016, our daughter was born. Taking on the role of a parent meant that a lot of changes in the behavior of both myself and my wife, and it was a most welcome challenge.

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