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Inactive Preventer is a small Windows executable built specifically to eliminate the annoyance of keeping your PC online and active in order to not appear away. It was built in C++.

Specific corporate tools, like Microsoft Teams, set you as "Away" or other similar statuses if they detect that you are not interacting with your computer, and they also boast about the inability for a user to prevent that. My personal opinion is that this is profoundly unfair towards well-behaving actors in any industry, who might wish to still appear as "Available" even though they might not be interacting with the PC in the way that corporate tool creators deem appropriate.

Take, for example, the case of a project manager which has multiple devices, and is able to join a call while on the move, or while doing minor chores around the house. Their inability to show as engaged, even though they are not meaningfully interacting with the PC, should not be hindered by some executive decisions at a company foreign to them.

It is my sincere opinion that any worker, and that especially extends to remote ones, should be free to organize their work to their own liking, and not be forced to be tracked by useless beancounter metrics.


A Windows (preferably 10 or later) operating system. This is guaranteed to not work with anything under Windows 7.

Let's face it: it's Windows-based corporate software that needs this kind of tool.

How to get

  • For 64-bit Windows
    • MD5 hash: E230F10565D3C4275D15D4F2BD4CCF52
    • SHA1 hash: EE928B84D87FD8A8B50EC936D188D248118BB0DB
    • SHA256 hash: 651F0FB042FA4D145EAD27ADA2F3186588212AC72EA63FA6C26DEB2EB70E9CDF
    • SHA384 hash: 4A04E5ABB3BDCE56287265AB8756A79453E866596B83BD1D3ABBE9EC9608F049A468FA1DD46A1076E48557C337427FA1
    • SHA512 hash: DE22BF5EE77052281DD0EF27917B9FC9ACC984195621D59E3F35AD8A2628D40389D542DAE0DAF8A3E82EA0271BE67FED82267C9A028F7D5FB1864CF3616E5924
  • For 32-bit Windows
    • MD5 hash: 9A11E15A84E56DE63F87E3D88199E6D2
    • SHA1 hash: F26E6E37FDF1C7DD6A6CCE35D68F91F1A5F961C7
    • SHA256 hash: 609D0FB6BC50EDE34157CFD32B44142093767A6E22E0214394C16494280DD05E
    • SHA384 hash: DDC834DD963A4BFA93ED9134AC0B6CBE1DD8FE6F93202CACCB61B410E910EE08BBBC1C49EC5FBE0B6F7739543576A8FB
    • SHA512 hash: 52402E9902C04B3CA13B7D21DD39B859CCFF12EDDCA55C794A62B84BD6C52F612CD0438A7788A943943CAEA24E9BF752DF4FC75AF0747F180C8327F955CD9080

If you are in doubt, please use the hashes to verify your download.

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Last update: 3rd November 2023